Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Paint Brush


Made of pure bristle, the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Brush is a great brush for painting, particularly for large surfaces and to achieve texture. It is oval, with a metal ferule and wooden handle.

These type of brushes have always been Annie's favorite as they allow you to paint expressively as the bristle is strong and firm, but pliable.

We know they are an investment but once you try these brushes you will wonder how you every lived without them.  They wash up nicely with mild soap and water.  If you take good care of them they will last a lifetime. 

Small is best for frames and small details and areas.
Medium is best for a large variety of pieces including dressers and such.
Large is best when covering big surfaces like dining tables and large hutches. 
*Each brush is sold separately.  You are buying one brush, not all three together.  The photo is just a visual of all three size options. 

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